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Published: 03rd June 2013
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Need Website Maintenance?

Many times, it just makes good sense to have someone else do something - especially when it takes a little expertise. for instance, I take my car to the repair shop or dealer to get fixed instead of trying to learn to do it myself - where I could make costly mistakes. The same holds true for website maintenance and getting someone to help update a website.

What is a Website Updating Service?

It can be a lot of things, actually. It can be a company that puts up content (text and images) that you provide or they can be the ones writing and posting the content for you. Most likely, you have content that you need to get up on the website and you want that task off of your list. You just want to pass it off to a company/service, have them do it and not get charged too much. You want them to be reliable and responsive to you as well so that it's not a hassle working with them.

A good website updating service will communicate well with you, do their work smartly, do it efficiently and they won't charge too much. You want one that has experience so that you can send them a request and they don't come back with a million questions but instead just get the work done right.

Setting High Enough Standards

It's important to have some good standards in mind when choosing the right company. So far, we've listed a number of them. Here are some more to ask about when choosing a good service or company to handle what you need done:

  • Do they take backups of their work so that if there are mistakes, things can be rolled back?

  • Do they quote their work before they start so that there are no surprise bills?

  • Is there an email ticket system in place so that your requests and communication don't get lost?

  • Are they available by phone in case you need to explain something?

  • Is there good communication?

  • Do they check their work in different web browsers and operating systems to make sure your website looks good?

  • Do they make suggestions of other things that can be done to improve your website?

The Team Approach

You want to take your website to a team of experts, not just a one-man shop who might not have the expertise to diagnose and fix problems that might come up. Websites today are more complicated than they used to be. One person can't do good design, fix programming glitches, do website promotion and help with website hosting. It takes a team. Don't lock yourself in to a place that isn't full service.

Speaking of my car, I once decided to take it, an Acura, to a local place because the heater stopped working in the winter. They were not an Acura dealer, just a local shop, and I thought I'd be saving money going with them. I was wrong. They charged me 3 hours of work to first diagnose the problem while the part was a $20 part. Had I gone to the Acura dealer, they wouldn't have taken very long to diagnose the issue and the entire repair would have been much less since they are experts on Acuras.

The same holds true with a website. With a team of experts, diagnosing problems takes less time - especially if they have been in business a long time and if they do a lot of website maintenance work. You get to take advantage of that experience and your problems are taken care of more quickly with less expense.


Getting your website updated is important. You need to trust who you're getting to help you and it definitely pays to do a little homework on whomever you choose so that you end up with the right partner. Use the list above to make sure they are following the best practices and doing your work correctly.

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